Total War: Warhammer 3 Combat & Controls Guide

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The eagerly awaited Total War: Warhammer 3 was published on February 17, 2022, putting an end to the wait. The game has gotten largely favourable reviews and has a large number of concurrent players on Steam, with 164,484 on launch day.

The game is part of the Total War series, which is notorious for its difficulty and high barrier to entry, with many novice players unable to master the game’s numerous concepts. With the introduction of the new title, many more gamers will undoubtedly be perplexed as to what they should do.


We’ve put up this beginner’s guide on fighting and controls to ensure you don’t run into any problems throughout your playing.

Camera Controls

Before you begin your conflicts in the game, you must first learn how to fully control the camera, since it is a crucial component of the game.


The camera controls may be adjusted to your preferences, but by default, the camera is controlled by the W A S D keys. You can also control the camera by holding down the middle mouse button and moving your mouse.

The A and D keys rotate the camera horizontally, while the W and A keys move the camera vertically. You may also use the Z and X buttons to zoom in and out, or use your mouse wheel to do so.


Combat Controls

You must be able to pick your army troops to control them before engaging in combat. This may be done by left-clicking the chosen unit. You may also pick numerous troops by holding down the control key and then left-clicking on them.

To make the appropriate formations, you’ll need to utilise your right mouse button. You may direct your army in a variety of ways, such as fine-tuning it using the arrow keys or giving it a path with the shift key.


You may right-click opposing troops to make your army charge at them, and you can lock your army units to ensure that they keep their formation as much as possible.

Army Formations to Consider

Here is our suggested army formation, which is a highly popular and successful formation. While developing your own formations is the best method to play the game, this formation is ideal for beginners to learn the game because it is effective in virtually all scenarios. So, here’s the set-up.

  • 4 front line Expendible units
  • 2 anti large units
  • 4 ranged units
  • 1 lord
  • 3 heroes
  • 2 flank units

High Ground

In Total War Warhammer 3, looking at the geography of the battlefield and attempting to retain a higher ground than your opponents might be the difference between success and failure.

Your ranged soldiers will have more opportunities and benefits to slaughter your enemies on the high ground, while melee units will also benefit from travelling downward on the battlefield. When enemy troops surge higher, they receive a disadvantage, therefore controlling the high ground is critical for consecutive victory.


These are all the things you need to know as a novice in order to jump immediately into Total War Warhammer 3 and engage in massive conflicts.