Top 5 Ways to Increase FPS In 

how to increase fps in krunker

In this post, I’ll show you five different ways to increase your frame rate from this to this. If you find this post useful, please let me know by leaving a comment.

I’m bringing this post back to my channel today in today’s stronger post we’ll see five simple ways to increase your fps and krunker now watch change about this game since its release there’s always been different methods to get fps and stuff like that but in today’s post i’ll show you the most efficient way to boost your fps.


Unlimited FPS on Client/Browser

So one of the most important things we should talk about is uncapping your frames or making your frames unlimited on both the client and the browser. On the client, this is very simple; go to your settings and under general, scroll down under client, and you’ll see unlimited fps. As you can see, it does have an asterisk, which means it requires a restart, but once you turn it on, you’re good to go.

There are two particular codes listed below. One will just allow you to use infinite frames in your browser, while the other would effectively transform your browser into a krunker client.
So we’re going to right-click Google Chrome and then right-click Google Chrome again. After that, you’ll see properties appear, click on them, and you’ll see this item right here.


It’s called the target, and it’s really simply where the programme resides. It’ll say Google Chrome application chrome.exe, and all you have to do is hit space and paste the code into the target.

Codes for Target:

Unlimited FPS ONLY:


Unlimited FPS + Opens Krunker:

--use-angle=d3d9 --enable-webgl2-compute-context --renderer-process-limit=100 --max-active-webgl-contexts=100 --disable-frame-rate-limit --app=

Once we’ve typed it in by using CTRL + V on our keyboard or by just pasting, click apply and then okay, and now we should have unlimited frames anytime we open Google Chrome. When we start Chrome, it will show a new object on the taskbar that looks like krunker.


Also, make sure you enable limitless frames and use the browser approach to acquire the maximum frames. You can accomplish something on the client and on the browser, but they’re two quite distinct techniques, and the same goes for brave browser.

Browser Tabs

The second thing you can do to improve your fps is to minimise what you have open on your computer. For example, if you’re watching 16 streams for krunker drops and you also have five different krunker videos up and you’re also playing Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War on the same system and you’re only getting 100 frames, it’s because you have so much going on your computer that it can’t process this game.


So make sure your guys CPU isn’t overworked. If you have 30 tabs of Google Chrome open while attempting to play Krunker, clear down the most of them, especially if you’re not using them. Alternatively, if you have anything open on your computer that you don’t need, make sure you close it because each object you have open on your computer uses up processing space, resulting in less frames and krunker.


The third thing you do is pretty basic, but I believe many people neglect it. Computers have limits, and if you push them too hard, your frames will suffer. So the third thing you do is perhaps the second most essential item on this list, and it has to do with settings.


More precisely, I’m going to show you a tonne of render settings that you can decrease down that won’t have a huge impact on your game but will raise your fps –

  • first thing off under execution
  • Reduce resolution

Our frames will increase if we reduce the resolution to 0.1. It’s possible that the game will be a shambles. And playing on a two res is fantastic since it’s so clean and smooth; even just one of them looks really clean and fluid, and you’ll still get good FPS.


If your machine is still having trouble, you may go down to a solid 0.5 without it appearing ugly, and 0.5 is just good. We’re getting closer and closer to that 700 frame mark, occasionally even jumping up there. Make sure you lower your resolution if necessary; the game appears to be normal until approximately 0.5.

FPS Mods

The fourth thing you can do to raise your fps is use fps modifications, which are literally one of the oldest techniques in the book. Fps mods were quite popular a year ago when the game wasn’t as optimised and had specific options that you could turn off, one of which I neglected to mention is no textures.


It will be exceedingly smooth, and the walls will be quite plain and unappealing. They have essentially created a smooth mod texture in the game and. Even though we have the mod incorporated into the settings at this time, I feel fps modifications are still useful.

Task Manager

The fifth and last thing you can do to raise your fps is to open up your task now you can enter it into your search bar or simply locate it inside of your computer, but once you have it open, whether it’s krunker, google chrome, brave, microsoft edge, or anything else.

  • You’ll access this by clicking on the little arrow over there, and there are a number of other things operating inside of Google Chrome, so check which one is using the most processing time, which is probably this one.
  • So after you’ve found the genuine one, right click and scroll down until you see go to details. Go to details and it’ll be highlighted right here. Right click that and go to set priority and set it to high.

This just prioritises running your krunker over everything else, and because this is a pretty CPU-intensive game, having more processing power will make it run a lot better. It’s a range priority, so you won’t see a difference right away.

If you followed everything in this tutorial, you should have a lot more frames per second than you had before, but there are five simple techniques to boost your frame rate in