Roblox: Onikami Slayer Beginner’s Guide (For Starters)

onikami starter guide

Roblox is one of those games that never seems to go away, and it’s still one of the most popular community-based games in 2022. Roblox is a virtual playground and workshop where users may interact, create, and enjoy content generated by other users.

Roblox’s Onikami content, which is based on the enormously successful anime Demon Slayer, is unquestionably one of the most popular. So, here’s our guide to Onikami Slayer in Roblox for total newbies.


Onikami Slayer’s Starter Guide


Get your very first sword

To obtain your first sword, locate the two nearby houses, one of which will be blue and the other will be black. Once you’ve found this location on the map, walk to the black hut’s entrance and buy the Old Nichirin Katana for $40. This is a fine beginning blade, but you may still build stronger weapons in the same region later.

Breating Techniques

Go to a nearby cave to harvest some demons once you’ve obtained the Old Nichirin Katana. Once you’ve killed 25 demons, you’ll be able to use the water breathing skill, so if you want to achieve it quickly, stay in the cave and keep grinding those devils.


Get Slayer’s Uniform

To obtain the uniform, you must first locate Hikaru, an NPC who will register you for the final selection. The final selection might take a long time, so make sure you’re ready before you start. You will receive your slayer costume once you have completed the final selection.

Additional Tips for Starters

Near the final selection location, there are several activities to choose from. You may shop for clothing, engage with other gamers, and, most importantly, make money. So keep these activities in mind.


This is all you need to know about becoming an Onikami Slayer in Roblox. Make sure to comment us, if you got any tips for beginners, we are open for suggestions.