How to Remove IP-Ban/Connnection Ban in (2022)

krunker io IP ban

Have you been banned from Alternatively, if your game does not open when you try to access it in your browser or in the Krunker official client, this post will save your life from beginning to end. Follow each and every step, instruction that is offered on our site.

So you’ve been banned from (or Connection Banned) or any other game. That’s alright; it just means you’re too blatant when cheating or hacking.

Advertisement detects and backlists your public IPv4 address using software. This address may be readily altered using a variety of methods, both temporary and permanent.

Follow various methods to fix your IP ban totally –


Method 1: Simple Fix

When attempting to launch a game while ip-banned, spam click “Find a New Game” and you will finally be able to play. Simply type locate new game into the search bar, and you’ll be able to join your current match. If this strategy fails to work for you, move on to the next one.

Intermediate Fix (Method 2)

Extension VPNs: Many of these vpns may employ defunct proxies, resulting in “failed to retrieve” errors, and others may have already been blocked, but there are so many to test that there will always be some that work!

  • Go to Chrome Store
  • Search VPN
  • Introduce it
  • Associate with any Fastest server

Note: If your best VPN isn’t working, try a different VPN from the Chrome or Firefox extensions store.

TIP 3 – Long Fix – Changing IP

Now we’ll look at how to use MAC Cloning to compel your router to give you a new IP address. This will require you to go through a few different stages.


You’ll need some basic networking and computer skills for these steps.

  • To discover your “default gateway,” go to Start, type cmd, and then Open, type ipconfig. The most common IP address is, however it might be something other for some.
  • In your browser, type your usual gateway address.
  • Login with your Username and Password – Look for WAN in the Options menu.
  • Look for MAC Address or MAC in the list of options.
  • Change the last one or two letters or digits (such as 4e, 3f, and so on) and then click Apply.

It’s worth noting that not all characters will function here; you’ll have to experiment. You don’t need to select “MAC Clone” if you performed everything correctly. Your IP address will be slightly modified if you did everything correctly.


I’ll give you with default login URLs for practically all routers here; if the default login doesn’t work, reset your router and try again.

The login panel for routers is, as it is in most situations, and you must input username and password to log in.


That was all about the Krunker IP ban repair or Krunker connection ban fix, and you should check out the rest of Krunker’s articles.