Play Elden Ring with Friends & Invade other Players (Guide)

play elden ring with friends

If you want a straightforward tutorial that covers everything about how to play Elden Ring with your friends, how to summon your pals in Elden Ring, and how to invade other players in the game, this is the only guide for you.

From the beginning, software games have been centered on the game’s multiplayer feature. Similar to the classic souls titles, the Elden ring allows gamers to summon their buddies in order to invade or assault other players.


Summoning in Elden Ring is different from prior titles, yet it is comparable to the dark souls games in certain ways. We all know that there isn’t a simple invite and play option in Elden Ring that you can utilize, so follow these instructions all the way to the conclusion and you’ll be able to play the game with your friends.

Summoning Explained

Elden ring’s multiplayer component is based on various things in the game, similar to the past titles, but in Elden ring, they are referred to as “Fingers.” You may also view all of the things on the game’s multiplayer pause menu.


Summoning items in elden ring

  • Finger Severer: This item’s main function is to eliminate a summoned player from the current game.
  • Furcalling Finger Remedy: This item can let you view all of the summoning signals in the realm of the elden rings. You may now interact with all of the summoning signs to invite others and play with them, or to combat opponents.
  • Tarnished’s Furled Finger: When used, this item leaves a gold summoning symbol, which is commonly utilised for co-op. By connecting with this ring, your friends can invite you.
  • Bloody Finger: This item is rather straightforward; it allows you to infiltrate other hostile gamers.
  • Duelist’s Furled Finger: As the name implies, this summing symbol is employed when fighting with other players.
  • The Blue Cipher Ring: is an intriguing item to utilise since it places you on a waiting list so that players in need of assistance during invasions can call you in their world.
  • White Cipher Ring: Like the Blue Cipher Ring, this artefact allows you to summon assistance.

How to Play Elden Ring Multiplayer with friends

  1. You will need your friends’ “Online ID” if you wish to play Elden Ring with them.
  2. Then, go to the settings menu and select System > Network.
  3. Here you may change the setting from “Display Player Names” to “Online ID.” You can now see who has left a summoning sign in the game.
  4. Remember to specify the multiplayer password; otherwise, anybody may join your gaming session.
  5. Once you’ve set the “MP Password,” use the Tarnished’s Furled Finger to invite your buddies to join.
  6. Now that you’ve left the summoning sign, ask a buddy to go to that spot and interact with the sign; this way, they’ll be able to simply join your game.

Invade Enemy Players in Elden Ring

Invading other players in Elden Ring is a straightforward process. All you have to do in the game is use your fingertips. You may use the Duelist’s Bloody Finger to attack other players in a duel or invade other players without notice by employing bloody fingers, which is quite simple to execute.