All Mokoko Seed Locations Blackrose Chapel in Lost Ark

lost ark

The Lost Ark is a popular fantasy MMORPG that was first published in South Korea in 2019. Following a positive response in that region, the game was recently released in North America and Western Europe on February 11, 2022.

With players attempting to maximize their constructions to the greatest extent possible, every prize that the game provides becomes that much more crucial. In this article, we will look into Mukoko Seeds, which are one of the goods that may greatly assist you on your quest.


What exactly are Mukoko Seeds?

Mukoko seeds are one of several in-game collectibles that players may trade for interesting stuff. The exchange is carried out through the NPC Totoma, who will reward you for every 50 seeds you offer.

There are about 1200 seeds throughout the game, most of which cannot be overlooked with a watchful eye, but some of which even seasoned MMORPG players will miss.


All Mukoko Seeds in Blackrose Chapel Location.

The Blackrose Chapel has a total of 13 Mukoko seeds in the region, and we’re here to show you how and where you can collect them all. So here’s a list of all the seeds, as well as the specific area where you may locate them.

  • Seed 1 – Your first seed of the region may be found among several pieces of wood and the torch. This seed is commonly overlooked, so you should have little trouble finding it.
  • Seed 2 – Seed 2 may be found in the tattered cabin found in the region. There is a box inside the hut, and the second seed is immediately next to it.
  • Seed 3 – Seed 3 is found in the same hut as the second seed, near the box, just opposite the second seed. The third seed may be found directly between the bookcase and the stairs.
  • Seed 4 – The fourth seed lies in the front of the massive statue of a warrior with a crown surrounded by torches.
  • Seed 5 – The fifth seed can be found in an abandoned, broken-down home. The seed may be found on the floor at the left end of the home.
  • Seed 6 – Descend the road from where you discovered the fifth seed and turn right to reach an area packed with gold coins and a chest. The sixth seed is immediately next to the gold, but your eyesight will be hindered by a tree limb, so keep an eye out.
  • Seed 7 – Instead of the previously indicated right turn, now take the left turn. The seventh seed will be found right there.
  • Seed 8 – Once you start seeing bright purple blossoms, keep an eye out for the 8th seed, which is immediately next to one of them. The exact position may be found on the map.
  • Seed 9 – You’ll enter a chamber with a lot of candles on the floor and an angelic statue outside. The 9th seed, which is concealed beyond the wall, may be found here.
  • Seed 10 – The tenth seed is out in the open next to the fountain, surrounded by four orbs. You should have no trouble finding it.
  • Seed 11 – The eleventh seed may be found in a chamber with bloody marks on the floor, near some candles.
  • Seed 12 – The area’s second-to-last seed is found between the three golden fallen chairs and the bloodied dekh with candles. The seed is hidden behind the dekh, out of sight, so take care not to miss it.
  • Seed 13 — The region’s last seed sits towards the map’s edge, surrounded by tombstones and torches.

That’s all there is to it for this region! I hope this guide assisted you in obtaining every Mukoko seed in the Blackrose Chapel.