How to Play Lorion in Arena of Valor (Builds) Simple Guide

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Area of Valor is a mobile MOBA that is causing a stir in the esports world thanks to the announcement of a huge increase in tournament prize pools. With the game’s future obviously focusing on competitive play, many players will undoubtedly be anxious to identify their primary and grind their way up the ranks.

With this in mind, we’ve put up a comprehensive Lorian tutorial that covers all you need to know before diving into those rated games.


Character Overview and Abilities


Lorian is primarily a mage Midlaner who, with to his passive ability to shock several targets at once, has the potential to be fantastic in team battles. Lorian has three abilities, one of which is a passive.

  • Eternal (Passive)- Hitting Lorian’s 2nd and 3rd abilities will stun adjacent enemies.
  • Skill 1: In my opinion, Lorion can modify the position of Dark Sphere two times to cause magical harm to anything in his path.
  • Skill 2: Darkness Falls – This ability can be used in two ways. When the orb is outside of Lorian, he inflicts magical harm on adjacent enemies. He will jump at the orb dealing damagae around his landing place while the orb is outside Lorian.

Summoner Spells, Items, Arcana and Ability order

Summoner Spell

Lorian’s summoner spell is usually the Flicker. Flicker teleports your hero a short distance, which is quite beneficial on Lorian and fits in nicely with his playstyle.



MOBA players have the freedom to experiment with their builds at any time. However, we feel the following construct is currently dominating the game. These are the components you’ll need for your Lorian construct.

  • Orb of the Magi
  • Enchanted Kicks
  • Boomstick
  • Hecates Diadem
  • Staff of Nuul
  • Rheas Blessing


For Lorian, the appropriate arcana are –

  1. Enlightened x 10 – AP: +5.3
  2. Sap x 10 – Magic Life Steal: +1.6%
  3. Hex x 10 – AP: +2, Cooldown Speed: +0.7%

Ability Order

For Lorian, the most important ability to level up is –

Skill 1— Skill 2—Skill3


Lorian’s levelling strategy is straightforward: utilise your initial few points to unlock all of your talents, favour skill 1 over skill 2, and enhance your ultimate ability whenever possible.

Here’s everything you’ll need to get started. I hope this guide aids you on your ranked adventure as Lorian in Arena of Valor, as you unleash the power on your adversaries.