Horizon Forbidden West: All Accessibility Settings 2022

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon: Forbidden West, an open-world adventure game by Guerrilla Titles, is probably one of the most anticipated games of the year. The game is a role-playing action-adventure game set in a magnificent post-apocalyptic version of the United States.

As a sequel to one of the most renowned PlayStation exclusives, Horizon: Zero Dawn, gamers are expecting nothing less than perfection. However, with console exclusive releases comes an issue that I’m sure all PC gamers despise: inaccessibility. So, let’s have a look at what the new game has to offer in this regard today.


Options for Accessibility

The game includes a number of accessibility choices not seen in many console games, as well as additional improvements to the features found in the last Horizon game. Here are all of the options you should consider before diving into the game’s vast open universe.

Difficulty: The game has five difficulty settings, allowing a wide range of players to obtain the experience they want while also experiencing the game’s plot. These settings are ideal for all types of players, from first-time controller users to seasoned gamers.


The finest addition to the sequel is the provision of unique difficulty levels, allowing players to customize the difficulty setting for themselves.

Button Layout and Customization: The creators’ attempts to ensure that players may fine-tune their experience can be seen clearly in the controller settings, since all controls are fully remappable, which is wonderful for players with distinct habits.


The game also supports left-handed players and includes a variety of controller options. You also receive some special options to maximize the Dualshock 5’s capability and give the user the greatest experience that the PS5 has to offer.

Audio: The game also provides players with extensive control over its audio capabilities, ranging from basic options like subtitle settings to more complex options like individual control over music, speech, audio, sound effects, and mono audio.


You may also change the noises in your game, such as the sound of machinery, explosions, ambient sounds, and so on.