How to Get Two Reduvia Daggers Early Game in Elden Ring

Reduvia Daggers

In this post, we will show you how to effortlessly obtain two Reduvia Daggers in Elden Ring. Simply follow the procedures outlined below and you will be set to go.

If you are new to the game, it is suggested that you pick the prisoner class because it is the only class that starts with the requisite 13 arcane to wield the dagger without levelling up.


If you’re not sure who to pick, I recommend reading my guide to all the Elden Ring classes. You’ll be here on the map if you’ve completed the game’s tutorial.

Starting point Elden Ring

From here, you must go to Agheel Lake North, which is north of your starting position.

Destination Elden Ring 2jpg

Now that you know where the adversary is in the river, we’ll enter at the bottom since we’ll end up incurring fall damage if we approach it straight.

If we continue below the bridge and enter the river, we will find a number of other worthless adversaries, but ultimately, you will be invaded by the Bloddy Finger Nerijus, a red phantom, which happens even if you are offline because the enemy is controlled by the AI.


It is pointless to try to battle him alone because you will almost likely perish; instead, simply evade his strikes for roughly 30 seconds and the blood finger hunter Yura will be called automatically.

He practically ends the fight for you, and you could simply try supporting him. This is the simplest battle in the game since you receive these strong daggers for doing nothing. After the battle, he will drop one dagger, and you will need a friend to help you collect the second one.


How to get the second dagger:

This is a bit more complex as it requires you to take a help of a friend, so they need to create a new character and do what you just did above. After they have the dagger they will then need to summon you to their world to get it. I’ve mentioned below how you can do this.

How to earn the second dagger: This is a bit more complicated since it needs you to enlist the assistance of a buddy, who must create a new character and accomplish the same thing you did above. They will need to summon you to their realm after they have obtained the dagger. I’ll explain how to accomplish that further down.

  1. Go to the settings menu.
  2. Check that matchmaking and sending summon signs are enabled in the network area.
  3. Go to multiplayer and press Y to access the settings menu.
  4. You can enter a multiplayer password or a group password here.
  5. Meet your pal at a mutually agreed-upon place.
  6. Next, make a summoning symbol.
  7. Click on the tarnished furled finger in your inventory.
  8. Use that item to mark the ground. Your buddy will then need to discover and activate your summon sign in your world. This will send them into your world. Now they must leave the dagger on the ground for you to pick up when they acquire it.
  9. You can now simply go pick it up.

I’d like to point out that only the host of the planet can obtain the weapon’s drop, therefore they’ll need to invite you to their world in order to give it to you.

Now you have a deadly weapon in your hands that can easily take you to the middle of the game, and I mean really easily, because it is a very strong and lethal weapon. The statistics are provided below; please watch the movie to gain a better grasp of what is mentioned above.