Elden Rings All Armour Sets Explained

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Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s next action role-playing game, but what distinguishes it from previous Souls-like games is that it is an open-world game, which is surely enticing gamers to play it.

Anyone who has played a FromSoftware game understands the value of exploration in the games, since each corner contains something new for the players to discover. With a complete globe to explore, gamers are bound to unearth some incredible stuff. Today we’ll look into armour sets, which are one of the most fascinating things in the game.


List of every armour in elden ring.

Bloody Wolf Set

This is a medium-weight armour set that you may discover very early in the game and is one of the most regularly encountered builds in network testing gaming.

Carion Knight Set

This armour set was previously used by the Carion family’s magical knights. The outfit provides strong protection against both magical and physical damage. It has a modest weight.


Champion Set

A light-weight armour set for the bravest of the badlands. It gives excellent resistance against negative statuses.

Crucible Set

Armor of one of sixteen ancient knights that served Godfrey, this armour set is ideal for strength as it is quite heavy in nature yet gives excellent protection to magical and physical damage.


Prophet Set

Inspired by the robes of exiled prophets, this armour set is ideal for intelligence builds and is extremely light in weight.

Raya Lucarian Set

Robe worn by Raya Lucaria’s magic scholars, this set is effective for resisting negative effects and is light weight. This is a well-known set for intelligence building.


Swordsman Set

It is light-weight armour that is generally adequate, with no specialisation.

Land of Reeds Set

The samurai class’s starting armour set, which is medium in weight and gives moderate resistance to physical and magical damage while being excellent against negative effects.


Chainmail Set

The chainmail set is a medium weight set with good defence against blows and pierce damage that may be purchased relatively early from a merchant.

Astrologer Set

The astroler class’s starting set in the game, this set is strong against magical damage and is extremely light weighted.


These are the only full armour sets to talk about for the time being, but we are certain that the world of Elden Ring will be loaded with many more surprises.