Elden Ring: How to Get Comet Azur (Guide)

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Elden Ring offers a wide range of gaming options to gamers. Whether you prefer to get up close and personal with your opponents or keep your distance with spells, there’s a playstyle for you. If you’ve picked a sorcery-based class in Elden Ring, you’ll want to look through the Lands Between for the most powerful spells, just like you would for weapons and armour.

Comet Azur is one of the most powerful sorceries in the game. Everything you need to know about it, including where to buy it, is right here!


What exactly is the Comet Azur?

Elden Ring’s Comet Azur is one of his most powerful spells. It enables players to hurl a high-damage comet at a vast distance against their opponents. Using Comet Azur, however, demands a tremendous amount of work. You must first have 60 intelligence in order to execute the spell. If your intelligence isn’t up to par, you should look into how to re-spec your stats in Elden Ring to meet the requirement.

What is the Best way to obtain Comet Azur?

If you’re looking for the most powerful spell in Elden Ring, go no further. Primeval Sorcerer Azur can provide you with Comet Azur, a famous sorcery crafted by Elden Ring. Go to the Seethewater Cave entrance, which is directly northeast of Volcano Manor, to discover Sorcerer Azur.


The next stage is to follow the route west over the gorge until you reach the Seethewater Terminus site of grace. When you arrive, turn left and walk south along the edge of a lava lake. Pass by the lake and continue in the same way; the trail will lead you to our location. You’ll be circling Mt. Gelmir.

At the end of this adventure, after crossing the Craftsman’s Shack, you’ll arrive at Hermit Town, a demi-human settlement with a boss named Demi-Human Queen Maggie. By being stealthy, you can avoid fighting, but we advocate cleaning up the town and destroying the monster.


All that is left for you to do is speak with Sorcerer Azur. He may be discovered at the far end of the town, just below Demi-Human Queen Maggie’s first appearance. He is a bluish/greenish crystalline humanoid who rests on a rock. In the shot below, you can notice his qualities. When you contact him, he will remain silent, but he will gift you the famous spell Comet Azur.

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