Elden Ring – How to defeat Maliketh, the Black Blade (Guide)

Blackblade Maliketh

Blackblade Maliketh is definitely one of the most difficult bosses to defeat in the game, owing to his nimble and rapid strikes, as well as his ability to attack from a distance. This essay will demonstrate how to defeat him.

Phase 1 The first phase

Blackblade Maliketh Phase 1

His sword strikes are quite normal, but keep an eye out for his range attacks, which might be difficult to evade. This is one of his few ranged attacks, and he employs it frequently, yet it does not deliver as much damage as one might think.


These can range from large volumes of gravel to little amounts or a ground-based wave of debris. Your best bet here is to keep moving around in large circles. Because he is fast, you must constantly avoid his assaults. Also, make use of the thick pillar to assist you in blocking while you restore energy.

Phase 2 The second phase:

Blackbalde Phase 2

You need now adjust your tactics from ranged strikes to fighting near to him since He is more evasive when you are close.


He does have cries that you should avoid as soon as you hear them since they deal a lot of damage.

He does blast out arcs for his ranged strikes as he did in phase one, but they cause more damage.


Overall, he is rather difficult to defeat, but he may be made easier by providing adequate protection and evading his strikes; they will be quite useful to you during this difficult encounter.