How to Defeat Warden Mob in Minecraft Quickly (Guide)

defeat warden minecraft

Minecraft is the industry’s most popular sandbox-survival game. Mojang Studios first launched this game in 2011. Minecraft’s player base has been rapidly growing since its first release. The game has been updated for over a decade and is a favourite among players of all ages.

“Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update” is the name of a new update for Minecraft. The “Deep Dark” biome will be introduced in this new version. These biomes will include “Ancient Cities” as well as a new powerful mob known as the “Warden.” Learn how to kill the Warden in Minecraft by reading this guide.


In Minecraft, where can you find the Warden?

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The Overworld is the world you spawn in when you start a new world. Deep ravines and caverns may be mined for materials and gems in the Overworld. In the “Deep Dark” biome, the Warden will spawn in a “Ancient City.” The bedrock layer is extremely near to this biome.

Sculk Shriekers are new blocks in this biome and area. The Warden will be summoned if you tread on these blocks more than three times. The candles and light sources will begin to dwindle from time to time, signifying that the Warden is approaching.


To fight the Warden in Minecraft, you’ll need the following items.

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The Warden is deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafening This isn’t to say that it’s simple to kill. Warden is more powerful than a “Village Golem” and can kill you in one hit. It also respawns twice after you’ve slain it the first time.

A complete outfit of “Netherite” armour and weaponry is required. The weapons should be enchanted with “Fire Aspect” and “Efficiency.” To recover your health, you’ll also need a lot of “Golden Apples” and “Golden Carrots.”


How to Kill the Warden

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  1. After the Warden has spawned, you must eliminate all of the “Sculk Shriekers” in the region to prevent it from respawning.
  2. The simplest approach to beat the Warden is to position oneself above it, out of reach. Take advantage of this chance to assault it.
  3. The Warden will occasionally become caught between blocks. Use arrows and swords to attack it. Rep this procedure as many times as the Warden reappears.

That is how you can kill the warden very quickly, if this post helped you, make sure to comment below, thanks for reading.