Dead by Daylight: How to Farm BloodPoints Fast (Guide)

dead by daylight bloodpoints farm

If you’re searching for a simple guide to help you collect blood points in Dead by Daylight, this could be the only guide you’ll need.

In 2020, the horror survival game Dead by Daylight was published for Android and iOS devices. Behavior Interactive created this game, which has earned high praise from critics. Dead by Daylight is a cooperative multiplayer game in which four players work together to avoid a single assailant.


The game contains a financial system called “Bloodpoints,” which may be used to buy abilities, bonuses, and other game stuff. Follow this tutorial to discover how to farm “Bloodpoints” in Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight Bloodpoints Farming Guide

In Dead by Daylight, Bloodpoints may be spent to buy talents and perks from the Bloodweb skill tree. After each match, a player may be rewarded with Bloodpoints. After each match, you will not always receive Bloodpoints.

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Log-in Bonuses and Events

Dead by Daylight, like other multiplayer games, organises events on occasion. If you keep a log-in streak going, you’ll get large bonuses and “Bloodpoints.” They give out free prizes during holidays such as Christmas and Halloween. So keep your eyes peeled for such occasions.

Choosing Perks

In Dead by Daylight, there are unique bonuses that will let you gain more “Bloodpoints.” Leveling up the “No One Left Behind” and “David King’s We’re Gonna Live Forever” benefits will assist players that want to play as Survivors.


Gamers that enjoy hunting down and murdering survivors in Dead by Daylight may earn a lot of “Bloodpoints” by levelling up the “Barbeque & Chilli” perk.

In-Game Planning

You may gain additional “Bloodpoints” by playing a match in Dead by Daylight in a certain style. If you’re a Survivor, attempt to make the game last as long as possible. You will be given opportunities to enhance your “Bloodpoints” as the contest progresses.


In Dead by Daylight, the same method applies to a Killer. When the contest begins, don’t go after every survivor at once. Make the game last as long as possible.