How To Get Perfect Aimbot Crosshair Placement In Valorant

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Valorant, which was published in June 2020, has quickly become the e-sports industry’s most popular competitive game. Riot Games created this first-person shooter, and it was completely free to play. This is why Valorant attracts hundreds of players every day and has established itself as a leader in the competitive shooter genre.

Winning matches in Valorant necessitates talent, as well as a certain playstyle and crosshair positioning. Follow this article to learn how to position crosshairs perfectly.


How do you get perfect Crosshair placement?

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In Valorant, gamesense refers to a player’s ability to adjust to the surroundings and atmosphere of a map. You must learn how to match your crosshair reticle to your opponents’ location in the map you’re playing in to develop a solid game sense.

You must be aware of the subtleties and distinctions between the maps. It’s critical to understand how to align your crosshair reticle while you’re at different heights on the map.


You’ll need to understand the approach angle of your opponents on the map to develop your game sense even more. The locations of ramps and other features on the map should be memorised.

Reaction Time

Reaction time refers to how quickly you aim at the opponent. You will be able to improve your dexterity and quickness after some practise. Because you won’t always be able to predict your enemy’s approach angle, you’ll have to adjust to the game’s flow.


For a headshot, you must lower your crosshair reticle from a high position to a crouching position. Your game sense and response speed must be consistent across the map and throughout the match.

After a shootout, most players tend to forget about the approach angle. This is the difference between pros and amateurs. Playing deathmatches is the best method to improve consistency.


Sporadic Movement

In a shootout, a few pros like to move erratically rather than keep a constant approach pattern. They specifically leap and crouch while blasting bullets at their opponents.

It’s tough for the adversary to shoot you if you’re constantly moving and hopping. This game style might be tough to get used to at first, but with practise, you’ll be able to master the erratic motions.


Runners and Gunners

Running and gunning refers to quickly approaching an opponent, spraying bullets, and then fleeing. This tactic is especially effective in close combat. This tactic, contrary to common thought, is truly feasible when it comes to misleading your opponent. Instead of pistols, this game type is better suited for weapons with a rapid rate of fire.

Peeking when spraying/Prefire Peeking

Professionals also adopt a method of continually peering behind a wall and blasting shots at adversaries. Not only will you be aware of the enemy’s whereabouts, but you will also be able to catch them off guard.