RP Loop | GTA V Online v1.60 Cheat

GTA V Online 1.60 RP Loop 1

In this GTA V RP Loop cheat, players in the online mode of GTA can infinitely increase their player level in the game which unlocks many things a player can now do which couldn’t be done before due to the low level of the player.

GTA V is a part of one of the most successful game series Grand Theft Auto which a storyline free roam game where players have the freedom to do just about anything. In the latest GTA V, an online mode was introduced where players can free roam with other players as well.


At WeCheater, we provide players with cheats which help in making the player better and this hack is just another cheat we provide our readers with which makes gaming even more fun that it already is.

Features of GTA V Online RP Loop Hack

RP Loop – In this hack or rather mod, the player can enable it and when done, it will endlessly increase the player level until the player stops this loop.


How to use GTA V Online RP Loop cheat?

  1. Download the hack from below
  2. Run the game GTA V and open the Online mode
  3. Minimize the game and run the RP Loop software
  4. Check the option and watch your level increase
  5. Uncheck when want to stop leveling up
  6. Enjoy the game!