Kiddions Mod Menu v0.9.3 Download (Latest) Undetected 2022

kiddions mod menu

Want a menu that works in GTA Online?Want to be a millionaire in GTA Online with 300+RP Level? then you are at the correct post, here we have a free Gta mod menu which will help you with your GTA online experience and make it a hundred times better than it is right now.

This menu has been tested and used by many moderators and it is virus free, download today and be improve your GTA Online experience.

Note: This Mod Menu is free available on our site which is developed by Kiddion, If you see someone selling this Menu, I recommend you to stay away from these scams. This menu is completely free to Download and use.


About Kiddions Mod Menu:

Kiddions mod menu is a free menu for GTA Online, A menu which gets updated everytime there is a update for GTA Online and helps you become rich and god in PvP with your friends what are you waiting for download today and beat your pvp friends and earn to be a millionaire.

Kiddions Modest Mod Menu Features:

  • Spawn Options
  • Money
  • RP
  • Recovery
  • Teleport
  • Many more

Changelogs for v0.9.3 (Credits: Kiddion @UC)

– Updated for GTA5 1.0.2612.1
– Improve game build version detection.
– [Vehicle] Attempt to fix a rare crash when switching vehicle
– [Vehicle] Improve stability for “Forge Model for LSC”
– [Teleports] Add some missing blips
– [Online Vehicle Spawn] Fix issue not properly saving vehicle mods to vehicles.json
– [Scripting] Add get_steering_lock/set_steering_lock to Lua vehicle instances


How to Install Kiddions Mod Menu:

  1. Turn off your antivirus temporarily
  2. Download the Mod Menu.
  3. Start GTA Online and run the Mod menu as an ADMINISTRATOR
  4. Now you are good to use the Mod Menu without any crash or error.

Keybindings for Kiddions :

  • “F5” – menu
  • “Numpad 5” – To confirm
  • “Numpad 0” – back
  • “Numpad 8” – function up
  • “Numpad 2” – down function
  • “Numpad 4” – decrease the value of a given option
  • “Numpad 6” – increases the value of the given option

Must Read Before Using the GTA Online Mod Menu –

  • Before using a free menu, be sure to check the Detection Status above.
  • If a menu is really undetected, every option should be used to its full potential.
  • If a menu is out of date, be patient and wait for the updated version to be downloaded from the website.
  • If the file Menu Downloading fails, try closing your antivirus or Windows Defender and restarting your computer.
  • Some functions may not be entirely available online.
  • On the internet, there are a lot of false menus, so stay away from them. Always download from a trusted source.
  • This Mod Menu is safe to use, however avoid being reported by other players by not utilising god mode or teleporting around them.

Download Kiddions Menu Latest version


How do you hack GTA 5?

Hacking GTA 5 is simple, you just need to download the hack from our site after that simply follow the instructions and use but make sure you know what you are doing.

Kiddions Mode Menu is free to use?

Yes, This mod menu is free to use absolutely will stay free in the future. We constantly update the kiddions mod

Is Kiddions Mod Menu Still Safe?

Kiddion is one of the most popular hacks for GTA 5 and it will always be updated for free. This hack is fully undetected and free to use. You can download it for free from our website.