GTA 5 Heist Editor Working (External) Undetected 2022

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Are you tired of the endless heist preparations and starts? Here we offer GTA 5 Casino Heist Hack [External] or Heist Editor, which is great for you and may help you get your heist done quickly and simply, allowing you to make quick money by doing heists.

You can edit your heists and even hack the fingerprints. Heist Editor has it all: Doomsday heists, casino heists, and cayo-Perico heists. Robbery editors can even alter prospective perspectives on the operation you’re working on in order to increase the heist’s profitability.


What does Heist Editor do in GTA 5?

Heists, for those unfamiliar, are multi-part plot missions that originally appeared in Grand Heist Auto Vice City and involve the preparation and execution of a major crime, generally a theft. The last crime is generally a high-paying task that may earn the player a substantial quantity of money, often more than preceding missions can provide.

GTA 5 Heist Editor is one of the greatest heist-related mod menus/tools available, allowing you to utilise a variety of menu elements like as teleporters, payments, and a variety of other options to complete your heist. Because it’s an external menu that you don’t have to insert, you can be confident that the hackers won’t harm you.


Working Screenshots

Requirements for use:

  1. .NetFramework v4.7 (or more new version)
  2.  C++ Runtime library

All Features

  • Teleporter
  • Casino Heist and Casino job editor
  • Cut% set
  • Global Take options
  • Lester hacks options
  • All heist editor
  • Many more


  • (Cayo)Quantity setting of secondary property
  • (Cayo)More changeable items (e.g. truck location, distractions, etc.)
  • (Casino) Unlock Hacker\
  • Unlock Weaponer\ Unlock camera info
  • (General) Lamp Controller
  • (Cayo)Minor property detection error problem Fixed.
  • (Casino)Equipment selection error problem Fixed

How to Use Heist Editor in GTA 5?

  1. First, Download the latest hack tool from below.
  2. Now Extract the file 
  3. Run the HACK as Administrator
  4. Enjoy!

Download GTA 5 Heist Editor Free

Verified ✅ This File is tested and is 100% Safe to use

Pass: wecheater

[download id=”9240″]


Video Instructions


It Crashes when selecting entrances and exits

Before beginning the final mission, you must first unlock all access points and POI.

It got stuck on the splash screen when I started the casino quest.

When doing a casino heist for the first time, avoid killing any NPCs.

Sell vehicle does not work, it does not work some version?

No, it’s not compatible with any version (At least in the game 1.58 version, tools 2.0 work). To sell a car, you must first enter the LSC and then change the selling option when the vehicle price shows in the in-game menu.

It will not appear in the game after the modification, but this does not indicate that the modification was unsuccessful. All you have to do now is keep selling the vehicle.

The transaction to sell a car is flagged as invalid

You may only sell your own vehicle.

Why can’t I surpass 8M while I’m setting up a vehicle for sale?

This is my recommendation for your safety. After checking the value you set, you can theoretically continue to execute it. However, for security concerns, I still advise you to select a figure lower than 8M.