Internal GTA 5 Online Cheat (Area51 Mod Menu) 2022

gta 5 mod menu

GTA V is one of the best open-world games out there. Although it was released back in 2014, still it has tons of players, and new content is added every month or so. GTA Online has one of the biggest player bases but the struggle to earn money in GTA Online is very real. Don’t worry we got ya today.

The internal GTA V online cheat is one of the best cheats out there with some of the best features for GTA Online out there and it has still not been patched yet. Some of its noteworthy features include Aimbot, Install Kill, Long Range, and Explosive ammo and the list is endless when it comes to a game like GTA V.


It has one of the best GUIs out there and can be controlled by a mouse instead of the old-fashioned Numpad way like most other cheats out there works. Also, it is one of the lightest hacks we have come across.

Features of Internal GTA 5 Online cheat | Area 51 Mod

  • Aimbot
  • NoRecoil
  • NoSpread
  • InstaKill
  • InstantReload
  • LongRange
  • ExploSiveAmmo
  • ExplosiveMeele
  • PlayerEsp
  • GodModeEsp
  • SuperJump
  • GodeMode Player And Vehicle
  • Teleport2waypoint Player And Vehicle
  • NoClip Player And Vehicle
  • NoPlayerCollision
  • AntiKick
  • InvisiblePlayer
  • NeverWanted
  • NoRagDoll
  • Fast Speed And Swim
  • PlayerFovChanger
  • NoSeatBelt
  • NoGravity For Player and Vehicles

This mod menu can make you a literal god in GTA Online Session. You can do as you please with no restrictions on you whatsoever. You will never be chased by police. Your shots will land perfectly on point, your enemies will fear you and think twice before attacking you. You will not be attacked cause you can become invisible with a click.


How to use the Internal GTA 5 Online cheat?

It’s very easy to do so. But we are providing a detailed guide just in case. Also, this cheat was verified by testers at the WeCheater team and poses no risk to Data safety and privacy for our readers.

  1. Download the hack
  2. Copy the hack and Launch the game
  3. Minimize the game after you spawn in a session, not in the loading screen
  4. Launch an executor of your choice
  5. Paste the script
  6. Start Injecting and Voila!