Things that will Shape the Future of Krunker in 2022

future of krunker

Hey guys, ever wonder if you’ll be playing krunker in a year? A lot can change in a year, so for a lot of players, I think it’ll just come down to what it’s like to play krunker at the time. Personally, I think krunker will continue to grow. The game has been on fire lately with the twitch drops and the clan wars update, but there are some things in the patch notes that will lead to even bigger milestones

We’ll go through some of these changes here, as well as make some predictions about what the krunker feature may look like in the future.


Post Processing Related to Steam launch?

What I believe they’re doing is preparing for the Steam launch of Krunker. As previously stated, Krunker is coming to Steam, and it’ll be a new audience for them, likely including some existing players. We don’t know if it’ll be similar to the client or different, but I believe they’ll try to make the game as polished as possible.

Assuming you consider when you played a game like suppose fortnite interestingly when you When you first play a game, such as Fortnite, all of the effects are turned on, such as motion blur and other things that pro players turn off, but it does give the game a polished look, and for someone who is new to krunker, it might make all the difference in whether or not they are able to hold their attention.


All of this is based on the fact that the GTX1060 is the most popular GPU on Steam.
It’s actually fairly strong for a game like Krunker, so adding additional features makes sense. Before launching the game, improve the lighting, improve the shadows, and add some more post-processing effects. However, optimizations for lower-end devices, which brings me to mobile, are the flip side of that.


Krunker Mobile current state and Future

If anything is in development by the Krunker team, and a lot of these features would benefit a lot more from first-party support, and there are some really very fantastic stuff coming, I even got the chance to contribute to the mobile side of the game, please let me know. It is very thrilling, but that’s all I have to say for the time being.


You may be thinking, “That’s wonderful, but how can I obtain a mobile layout?” Fortunately, you can get a mobile layout right now, even before these huge mobile improvements arrive, because CSS is now accessible to be contributed to mod packs, and the game is designed expressly for modifying the mobile UI.

Blaster Class and Other Future Classes

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s speak about the new blaster class, which is certainly coming to Krunker. It was first rumoured, then verified. But it isn’t playable just yet, and it only has one feature: I believe it’s a fantastic concept because it’s a projectile-based class, and there should be more projectile-based classes in the game.


So it’s kind of like an assault class, but it’s not hitscan. If you’ve played Overwatch, it’s pretty similar to how zenyatta works, and I used to be the zenyatta main, so I’m extremely excited about the new krunker.

Krunker Ranked Network

Let’s look at conquer ranked mode. When it was first published, there were not many people queuing for it, and there are currently not many people queuing for four vs four. The games were a lot of fun.


I’m hoping that the ranked network will address the issue of levers, but there’s also the hacker situation, in addition to the low number of people queuing for games. Right now, the main clue we have comes from the devs themselves, and the patch notes stuff they’re working on includes ranked network and class limits.

Battle Royal Mode

The battle royale mode was teased in the patch notes a long time ago, maybe seven or eight months ago, and at first, players were very excited about it. However, after playing some 16-man custom servers, it was a little laggy, and Krunker didn’t really feel like the best fit for a VR game. However, some players are starting to want it again, and there are some parts of the recent patches that may be related to battle royale.


The option for a 40-man server was added to the game approximately a month ago, and with almost every update, there are server and fps optimizations, which are critical for these high-load games. There have been adjustments to terrain in previous patches, and when the battle royale mode was originally mentioned, there was an update connected to landscape, which piqued people’s interest. It appears that the terrain upgrades may be returning.

What Players want to see in Krunker 

I’m going to offer some predictions about what Krunker may look like a year from now. The major thing I’d want to see is weapon modifications, similar to Call of Duty Gunsmith, because that aspect of the game is incredibly entertaining for those who like to test stuff out.


It also adds a little strategic depth, but it also gives people something to grind for, whether it’s a level-based unlock, a cost to buy, or even a credible item, and it gets content creators to talk about it, and it just keeps conquering the news when there’s new updates that add attachments to the game and stuff like that.


Future Predictions of Krunker

We should discuss a few expectations for what we think krunker will resemble in one year so beginning with the player base in twelve months I believe that krunker is most certainly going to develop and we’ve seen a ton of games send off throughout only this previous year Let’s talk about some predictions for what we think krunker will be like in a year.


Starting with the player base, I believe krunker will continue to grow, and we’ve seen a lot of big titles launch in the last year alone, such as valorant, that may be luring people away from krunker, but there have also been titles that have fizzled out –

  1. It may be a wash in terms of competition from other games, but the main thing for me is going to be mobile and the Steam launch, which I believe will substantially raise the popularity of Krunker.
  2. I believe that krunker’s player base might double in a year, therefore if we have ten thousand concurrent active users now, we could have twenty thousand next year. I believe the fundamental game format will remain the same, with public lobbies where you can bounce about rather than everything being tethered to a matchmaker.
  3. krunker on mobile will be a whole lot better by then, whether it’s through an app or a mobile browser. I’m confident about this because right now, krunker is one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played. It feels really good, super smooth and responsive, but just adding a few features here and there will really tune it up. So my prediction is that krunker will be a much more polished game with more modes and players.

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