Elden Ring Build Tips: Which Class Build is Best for You?

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On February 25th, FromSoftwae’s new title Elden Ring will be released, making it one of the most anticipated releases of 2022. Because this is the first time FromSoftware is developing an open-world soul-like game, the buzz around the game is insane.

The creators are famed for their outstanding boss designs and challenging game difficulties, but one of the features that makes these games so engaging is the build variation available to players. With so many different builds available in the game, we’re going to look at which class build is ideal for you today.


Playstyle – Choose your Best

You should decide what sort of playstyle you want before you start spending a lot of points on specific traits. These are the most important considerations to make before beginning your construction project.


You should know what ranges you want to play at; if you love to fight from afar, a mage build may be better for you; if you prefer to fight up close and personal, you may not want to invest on characteristics that improve your magical powers. If you want to develop a long-ranged mage, you should concentrate on Intelligence, Faith, and Arcane.
Focus on Dexterity and Strength if you want to go for a melee build.



You should be aware of how important your character’s survival is to you; your levelling preferences will alter as a result. If you desire a tanky build, you’ll need to invest points into Vigor for extra HP and Strength to wear heavy armour for more protection.


As you may be aware, stamina is crucial in these games; nevertheless, certain builds require far less energy than others. Most melee-focused builds require more Endurance points to improve their stamina, but ranged setups generally neglect this characteristic.



The melee playstyle is by far the most common way to lay souls in a game like this. In melee builds, players can pick between weapons that scale based on strength or dexterity. Despite the fact that many weapons need both strength and agility, players typically specialise on one of the two.


Dexterity is a skill that allows you to focus on employing sophisticated weapons while still being swift and flamboyant. Weapons in strength building are often sluggish yet extremely strong striking. Both builds are fantastic, but if you’re aiming for a melee run, you need determine early on which one you want.


For the best builds, it is advised that you choose a framework for your builds and stick to it from the beginning.

Soft and Hard Caps

elden ring best class build

You should be aware that each attribute has soft and hard caps, which means that beyond a certain level, putting points into these metrics will provide less results, and after the hard cap, no increases will be seen. In Elden Ring, the soft cap for each stat is approximately 35-40, and if you achieve this level on one, you should focus on other numbers.


This is all you need to know to start customizing your Elden Ring construction and taking on the fascinating challenges it has to offer.