BGMI Lite: Expected Launch Date, Pre-Register & Everything

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After PUBG Mobile, BGMI is the second most popular mobile game. The game has already been downloaded and enjoyed by over 16 million gamers.

There was a missing light version for low-end smartphones after the popularity of BGMI for high-end devices such as iPhones and other high-budget android phones. In the BGMI, some players are still experiencing delays and other FPS difficulties.


This page contains all of the information you require regarding the BGMI light. Check out the entire page for information on the BGMI light version’s release date, projected dates, and other requirements.

Will BGMI Lite be released or not?

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According to numerous official sources such as Twitter and other discord announcements, a BGMI light release for low-end device gamers will be released.


In addition, Abhijeet Andhare (Ghatak Gaming) stated in an interview with Sportskeeda that the release of BGMI light is certain and might happen by the end of December 2021.

Also, on the Official BGMI Discord server, there was a recent active vote addressing the BGMI Lite release, asking people “Why do you need BGMI LITE Version?” This also clarifies when the game will be released.


Minimum BGMI Lite Requirements

Players do not need to worry about the specs because the game is already the lite version of BGMI, but it is still important to write down the expected requirements that BGMI Lite will need to operate, such as the amount of RAM and CPU that we may expect, until official sources confirm.

  • 2 GB RAM (Expected)
  • Android 4.0 or above is required (Expected)

Those with limited RAM or other device difficulties will be able to play the light version immediately when it is published.


Players About on BGMI Lite Release

As word of the release of BGMI Lite spreads, players are expressing their feelings on social media using the #bgmilite hashtag and adding to their tales about it.


Additionally, certain YouTubers such as Abhijeet (Ghatak Gaming), Maxtern, and Praveen Chaudhary (GoDPraveen YT) are promoting the BGMI Lite release to their BGMI followers.

That was all we had to say about the BGMI light release, projected launch date, prerequisites, and players’ reactions to the release; nevertheless, there is still more to say about the BGMI lite; stay tuned to our site for additional BGMI Lite news via Krafton or straight from official sources.