Best Fortnite Skin Changers Free (All Skins Hack) 2022

fortnite skin changer free

Skins are one of the most important part in every game some are pay to win and some are pay to lose. Want to own the pay to win skins in fortnite for free? Want to spend no money and still own alot of skins? Then you are at the correct location cause in this post there is a swapper that will help you get free skins and you can dominate your enemy in style!

So If you’re searching for free Fortnite skins, don’t worry, we have a good one for you named Pro swapper. This skin-changer allows you to change the skins of your weapons and characters in-game.


About Fortnite Skin Swappers:

This Fortnite Swapper uses simple code which changes your perspective and shows you all the skins that you want to see on your screen and help you crank 90s with style. This file has been checked by our moderators and has found is a clean file,

ProSwapper is a free open-source programme that allows you to swap your Fortnite skins without being banned from the game. This tool was made by Proswapper Team, and is free to use. So what are you waiting for Download the Swapper today!

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All working features:

  • Free Skins in Fortnite
  • Backpacks
  • Pickaxe
  • Emotes
  • Other

ChangeLogs 0.8.6v:

  • Added Default Pickaxe to Candy Axe
  • Added Default to OG Thanos
  • Added Default to Black Knight
  • Added Default to Mogul Master
  • Added Gingerbread Raider to Galaxy Renegade
  • Added Default to Wonder
  • Added Default to Thanos
  • Added Default to Invisible Skin
  • Added Dark Shield to Black Shield
  • Added Red Shield to Black Shield
  • Added The Sith to Galactic Disc
  • Added Default to Stealth Reflex

Things to do before using Free Fortnite Skin Changer:

  • Make sure your Antivirus off and real time protection is off
  • Run the Swapper as administrator
  • Make sure you have Microsofts .Net 5 framework
  • If you have a network issue then make sure you are using a VPN
  • Have fortnite on low texture

How to use the Proswapper Fortnite?

  1. Download the file from below
  2. Extract the files in a folder
  3. Run the .exe file as Administrator
  4. Choose any skins you want
  5. launch your fortnite
  6. Select the skin you want
  7. Save the skin and Exit it
  8. Enjoy!

Download Fortnite Skin hacks free:

[download id=”10413″]

Note: The Proswapper Fortnite Skin Changer is Down at the moment, Please wait for the next update & check again later. Thanks