Vermillion Hack CS 1.6 – Aimbot, TriggerBot, ESP, KnifeBot 

counter strike vermillion hack

FPS Shooters and CS are like synonyms for gamers. Almost every gamer who has played FPS games has tried out CS once. People pour thousands of hours and efforts into the game and their skill level in the game just becomes so high to eat that it discourages any new player from trying it out.

Don’t worry we got ya covered with that today. One of the most iconic versions of CS was CS1.6. Although it has now been discontinued from being played in international tournaments. But there are still hundreds of players playing the same exact version of the game.


Now as I pointed out, with time comes skill which is just too discouraging for new players. But with the new hack we’ve got for you, the “Vermillion Hack CS 1.6”, you can stomp enemies like stomping on cockroaches from your boots. It is a premium cheat that you had to pay money for. But today we got it for you for free.

Features of Vermillion Hack 1.6

  1. WallHack
  2. Aimbot
  3. TriggerBot
  4. KnifeBot

The first two features alone make it one of the best cheats out there for the game. With Wallhack and Aimbot you can see your enemies behind the walls and shoot them a perfect headshot while playing with your feet and drinking coffee with your hands, or perhaps your feet, I don’t know.


How to use the Vermillion Hack 1.6?

You need a good executor program t run this hack. Don’t worry, we have got you guys covered with that. You can find a list of free executor programs on the website to choose from and download from. Don’t worry all the files have been checked and possesses no security risk to your device.

  1. Download the hack and copy the hack(extract it, if necessary)
  2. Launch the game
  3. Minimize the game and launch the injector
  4. Paste the hack and start injecting
  5. Voila!