cracked Best HVH CSGO Cheat (Download) 2022

csgo monolith club cracked is one of the best cheats ever developed, especially for CS: GO(Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). It is one of the best cheats for HVH servers(Hacker versus Hackers). It is pretty easy to win against normal players with a cheat, but what about in HvH servers.

Don’t you worry? has a reputation as one of the best cheats for HvH servers too. It is a paid cheat developed by OneShot. But recently it was cracked and is available for users to download for free.


WeCheater team has extensively checked the cracked files and eliminated the security risks that came with it. WeCheater team is very careful and thorough while checking paid cracked cheats cause they are the most vulnerable to the safety and privacy of users.

How to use the cracked cheat?

CS: GO is the most popular FPS shooter out there. It is one of the most competitive games, thus it is without a doubt that cheats will be developed for it. But the real fun kicks in when two cheaters battle each other that is a test of skill, choice, and efficiency of using the cheat.


Don’t you worry, We got you with the best HvH cheat developed.

  1. Download the hack
  2. The folder is compressed and needs to be extracted to the main drive with an extractor of your choice
  3. Injecting the steam module DLL file into steam using an injector
  4. Start CS: GO and hop into a match
  5. Copy the hack and paste it into the injector
  6. Start Injecting
  7. Voila!