CSGO Astrox Cheat | ESP + Aimbot (Free Download) 2022

Free CSGO Astrox Cheat

Are you new to FPS shooters and want an edge over the players already playing for years? WeCheater team here is with another CS: GO cheat, “The Astrox”. The fantastic team of Ni0h developed this cheat.

Ni0h did a pretty good job in developing this cheat. This cheat has several features which sometimes people don’t get even after shelling out a load of bucks. One of the most premium features of this cheat is the “Aimbot Smoothening”.


Aimbot Smoothening is one heck of a feature and makes it even more difficult for the game to realize that you are using a cheat to play. Other features we get with the Astrox Cheat are the Wallhack, ESP, and Skin changer. Scroll down to find the full feature list.

Features of Astrox Cheat

  • The smooth aimbot gives you the perfect headshot kill while keeping you off the radar from the cheat detection system
  • Skin Changer, who doesn’t like a load of customizations. I sure do, I know you like them too.
  • No Flash
  • Glow
  • ESP
  • Wallhack, you must have heard walls have ears, we don’t know about ears but it does have eyes.

How to use Astrox Cheat?

Astrox cheat is an executable file type cheat. So, you don’t really have to have an injector and paste scripts and injects which is very common with .dll type cheats. This surely does improve user-friendliness.


WeCheater team has personally checked the below file link, and guarantees that there is no safety or risk issue that you will be facing if you download this hack.

  1. Download the cheat
  2. As the cheat is compressed to keep the file size low. You need to extract it using a file extractor of your choice.
  3. Run CS: GO
  4. Right-click on the cheat executable and run it as admin
  5. Now enjoy