CouInjector [CS:GO Cheat Injector] + Open-Source (Download)

csgo couinjector

Finding a good cheat injector can be very hard. There is also the matter of trust that has to be accounted for when downloading an injector. Today, we will be showcasing one hell of an injector that is open source and deployed on GitHub, “The CouInjector”(MadInjector).

Open Source projects carry little to no risk cause the code is under tight scrutiny and is visible to the public eyes. Thus, the devs can’t do something naughty and get away with it. So, it comes with added trust.


But nevertheless, the WeCheater team did its own thorough check just so that we don’t provide malicious files to our readers. The cheat passed all the safety and privacy standards and thus we are including it here.

CouInjector has been in open-source since 11th September 2021 but has been on GitHub since 29th May 2022. We wanted to wait and let the community react to it and code checkers check it to ensure safety.


How to use CouInjector?

Using Injectors is very easy, and is a child’s play, to say the least. Also, before we forget, we have a list of the best free injectors available on our site. You should definitely check the mouth and select your best out of them.

  1. Download any hack or cheat that you want to play with
  2. Download the CouInjector from the link below
  3. Fire up the game
  4. Copy the hack or cheat
  5. Paste the hack/cheat in the injector and press start injecting
  6. Voila! It’s that simple