Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Hack (Internal) Working 2022

cod mw3 internal hack

Hey all, If you are looking for some free Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Internal Hack, you are at the right place. Here checkout the post until from the start to get the cheat abosolultely free, also make sure to check all the useful information below.

COD Modern warfare 3 is one of the best games before released in 2011, still now, lots of people enjoy the game very much, some of them like to use hacks for this game, well if you are one of them, check out this hack.


About Call of Duty: MW3 Free Hacks

Call of Duty: Modern warfare 3 is the FPS game, one of the best series in the call of duty, where you get along with other players, with multiplayer, which makes the game really enjoying. There can be many features for this hack, some of the most common hacks available on the internet are:

COD MW3 ESP Hacks –

ESP hacks are the most useful when it comes to cheat, also known as Wallhack. Which allows user to see through walls, playes an important role in cheating any game. ESP is used to see the enemy’s location from any location, such as behind bushes, outside the wall, and so on.


COD MW3 Aimbot Hacks –

Aimbot hacks are one of the most famous hacks, which is also the hardest one to find. Aimbot helps you to lock your aim at the opponent at certain positions (head/neck/body). Which makes it lot easier to aim. These hacks are highly risky to use, which is the only disadvantage.

COD MW3 No Recoil Hacks –

Recoil Hacks are also used by many hackers to control their recoil in the game (Recoil is Basically backward movement of Guns When they are fired). Recoil allows the player to aim more easily and shot the enemies more easily. This hack is most commonly used by players who have poor aim and can’t control the gun’s recoil.


Features of this Hack

  • Aimbot
  • Autofire
  • Silentaim (F2)
  • basic autowall
  • Norecoil
  • ESP (BoxEsp
  • nameEsp
  • weaponEsp)
  • Crosshair
  • fullbright
  • fog removal

How to use COD MW 3 Internal Hack?

Inorder to use this hack, you will simply need an Injector, which will be used here to inject the dll file, which you will download from below. So, go to the injector page, download any of the injector, then follow the steps below –

  1. Start the game, wait in lobby
  2. Run the Injector
  3. Choose the Process as “modernwarfare.exe”
  4. Place the Dll file (after you download)
  5. Click Inject
  6. Hack Succesfully Injected
  7. Go back to the game. Enjoy!

Working Gameplay

Download COD MW 3 Hack

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This File is tested and is 100% Safe to use

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